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St Andrew’s building is an architectural eccentricity, a little piece of the United Kingdom situated in the centre of Moscow. It is loved by Russians and draws hundreds of visitors each week. It is also a cultural icon. In the last decades of the Soviet Union it served as a recording studio and would have been the place where people like Shostakovich and Rostrapovich were first recorded.

St Andrew’s building brings expatriates and Russians together. It is a place of worship, hosts cultural events, is a popular venue for concerts, and is home for those who work with some of the most deprived people in the community.

The Moscow City authorities have recognised how important the building is, and the serious condition that it is in. The foundations need to be secured, the brick and stonework is suffering because of the severe climate, the pipes and cables have not been touched since they were installed and some of the interior is crumbling. The City Restoration Programme have said that they will pay up to $2.5m for the external and internal restoration work and technical supervision, but St Andrew’s needs to find about $350k to pay for structural work on the foundations, the design work and fees.

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We are asking you to help us find this money in order to preserve St Andrews, to enable our work to continue, to help us be a centre for reconciliation between East and West, and as a symbol of hope that we can rebuild understanding, respect and trust between Russia and the West.

If you are able to help us, please contact the Chaplain at  or visit our donations page.