Marriage is a gift of God. It is like a dance, in which two people, who are different but equal – male and female – become one, and through the union of their lives, new life is created. In this womb of the family there is safety and space for the children to grow.

Here we see how the radiant light of Holy Spirit both separates and unites the two. Each is unique, worthy of honour and full of dignity, and yet we need others to become fully whole. Here we see the profound mystery which happens when any two people meet and really encounter each other.

The dance between lover and beloved is a picture of the love that God has for us. One of the early writers speaks of how the womb of Mary is like the bridal chamber in which God and human beings are united and become one in Jesus. He delights in us, desires communion with us, and he seeks to transform us so that we shine with glory. For his glory then becomes our glory and our glory, his glory.