The Ascension of Jesus

This banner shows the ascended Jesus. Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus called his followers together. He told them that he was going to leave them, and so they were not to expect to see him in the same way that he had been appearing to them. But he promises two things: that his Spirit would come and be with them, and that one day he will return in glory, to judge heaven and earth, to reign in love and to bring in God’s final glorious kingdom.

And then Jesus was taken from them up into heaven.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is in heaven, that he has all authority and power and he is the ultimate ruler of heaven and earth, that he has sent us his Spirit and that he is praying for us. And we pray for the day when he returns and when we will see him. He says, ‘Surely I am coming soon’. And we reply, ‘Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!