For children

The Sunday School of St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Moscow welcomes your children. We look forward to getting to know you. Our group meets during the 11am service: the children leave after the first hymn and return to you before communion. Usually on the first Sunday of the month the children take part in the services.

We have two groups in our children’s program (subject to the number of children and ages attending):

The Crèche (Nursery), ages 0-4.

Children are welcome to play quietly in the chapter room, which is the room adjacent to the main church hall. Parents are responsible for watching their children there.

Middle Youth, ages 5-12.

Our program usually follows our Gospel reading in the church and we ask that you parents go over the lesson with your child during the week to reinforce what we are doing in our Sunday School. This group will meet downstairs in room 15. It is downstairs to the right — the first room on the right. (As we get more participants, we would like to divide this group into two groups, ages 5-8 and ages 9-12.)

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Gibson  or Dan Culbertson