What is Anglicanism?

The Anglican Church has about 85 million members in 39 provinces across 165 countries. It is a family of Churches, a fellowship or communion of Churches, which grew out of the Church of England, with shared saints, linked histories, theology, worship and a shared relationship to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

What does it mean to be an Anglican?

  1. We proclaim the historic creeds of the Church and seek to live by putting our faith in the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. We seek to teach and preach the Bible faithfully as our final authority in all matters of faith and behaviour.
  3. We delight in the two sacraments which Jesus gave: Baptism and Holy Communion; and also honour the other sacraments of the Church.
  4. We rejoice in our communion with the people of Christ through space and time, and we express that communion as we seek to maintain the historic orders of bishops, priests and deacons
  5. We seek for the visible unity of the Church, while recognising and respecting the autonomy of regional or national churches.
  6. We are committed to the mission of the Church, to draw people to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to preach Christ and the Kingdom of God, and to seek reconciliation and justice. 

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