Sunday school at home

November 1st: All Saints

November 8

“He hit me miss” , ” He hit me first!” Sounds familiar? How can we make friends of our adversaries? Well Jesus has something to say about that in this week’s Sunday school lesson. It’s a hard one though and only by asking God to help us will we be able to follow Jesus’ advice!

November 15

Are you really good at reading or maths? Or maybe you’re good at sport or art? Perhaps what you’re really good at is being funny or kind or helpful? Or maybe it’s several of these things! Whatever it is, it’s a talent (or gift) that God has given you and He wants you to use it. Jesus tells his friends a story about these things but WITH A WARNING! Click on the link to find out and to do some fun activities linked to the teaching!


November 22

Calling St Andrew’s children and young people! Sheep or goat? Can you tell them apart? In the story we are looking at today from Matthew 25.31-46, it likens Jesus to a shepherd and people to the sheep and goats, and He can tell them apart!   Read it through and use the Sermons for Kids link below to help you to understand more of its meaning for us.

November 29: Advent Sunday

To St Andrew’s Children!

When you’re at school or doing some homework do you sometimes drift off and start to day dream? Then your teacher or your mum suddenly says “Wake up, pay attention!” and you get back on track.  

In our bible story today from Mark 13.24-37 Jesus is telling his friends about when He will come again to the earth in the future. We don’t know when but He says we need to stay alert, to pay attention and live in a way that shows we are ready for Him. 

Help!  How do we do that?

Jesus says two things will help us, firstly – we need to keep reading and listening to God’s word – the bible – because, even if all the things around us are changing and getting worn out, God’s word will never disappear (v 31), and secondly we have to watch and pray (v 37), that means keep relying of Jesus, thanking Him for all we have everyday.  
That’s what you’re doing now! Hooray!

Here’s the link to the session: waiting_place.htm

December 6: Second Sunday in Advent