Sunday school at home

January 24: Fourth Sunday in Epiphany

January 31: The Presentation of Christ

It’s around this time of year we think of making New Year’s resolutions or promises.  When Jesus’ parents took him to the temple Simeon realised that God had kept His promise in giving Jesus to the world.  

February 7

Jesus is the one true light. We are his witnesses. 

February 14

In the story today we read about one of those ‘wow’ moments that Peter, James and John witnessed in Jesus’ life AND it was on top of a mountain too!! They realised Jesus wasn’t just an ordinary teacher but indeed the son of God.¬†

February 21

Last week’s story told of Jesus on a mountain and this week it tells of Jesus in a wilderness. Jesus is with us in our lives whether we’re feeling as though we’ve scaled a mountain or in the pit of despair, because he’s been there too.

February 28

Following¬†Jesus isn’t always easy, we may get teased at school or have to give up some things other friends might be doing because we want to live with God’s rule in our lives. God doesn’t give up on us and he sends Jesus to show us how.