Sunday school at home

Sunday 6th September

You may be back to school this week and already finding that your relationships with your friends are not always easy! In this week’s ‘Sermon for Kids’ session it helps us to think about our attitude to our friends and how to put a Jesus perspective on it! Here’s a memory verse to take with you this week. 

“If a fellow believer hurts you, go and tell him — work it out between the two of you. If he listens, you’ve made a friend.” Matthew 18:15

Here’s the lesson:

activity ideas:

We are praying for you all as you start school again and meet your friends and maybe make some new friends too.

Sunday 13th September

Today we are looking at a story which Jesus told, that makes it look as if God is not fair. You can read it here in Matthew 20.1-16 But on this occasion God does not seem to be fair because God is loving and generous.

Sunday 27th September

What gets wet when it is drying? 
It is a bit of riddle, and if you want to find the answer, read further below!
But Jesus is asked a question and he replies with a riddle: and it is all about who people think that he is. 

You can read the story here in the Bible (Matthew 21.23-25) and learn a bit more at 

Sunday 4th October

How many chances should we get?
Jesus tells a story about people who were given three or four chances, but they kept on turning them down. Finally he gave them their last chance

You can read the story here in the Bible (Matthew 21.33-46), learn a bit more and download some activity sheets at

October 11th: Harvest

Do you ever forget to say ‘thank you ’? In the story today we see 9 people walk away after Jesus had healed them and only one returning to say ‘thank you’.  Harvest is a time to give thanks for the way God has provided for us in our world and to pray for and give to people who don’t have everything they need. Ask God to show you how you can be generous with the things you have this week and to help you to be thankful for all that he gives you.

October 18th: St Luke

Today the church remembers St Luke,  one of the 4  gospel writers, and the writer of Acts too. It means he wrote almost a quarter of the New Testament alone! This passage tells us about the 72 disciples Jesus sends out to tell about the Good News which is what St Luke did in his writing!

October 25th

‘Jesus loves me this I know
For the bible tells me so’

Do you know this song? It tells about how the Bible, although full of laws and sayings, can be summed up in those words.  The story today is about a lawyer who asked Jesus which was the most important law in the bible of the time.  Read it to see what Jesus said and how different his answer was from what they were expecting!