The Resurrection of Jesus

Three days after Jesus died some women went to his tomb. To their surprise, it was open, and his body was not there. Some people dressed in white told them that Jesus had risen from the dead. They were terrified and confused. They thought someone must have taken his body away. But then Jesus himself appeared to them. He told them to tell his followers that he was alive.

Over the next 6 weeks Jesus appeared to many different people. He let them see the marks in his hands and side. He talked with them. He cooked breakfast for them and ate fish with them. He explained that the bible (the Old Testament) said that the Messiah, God’s ruler, had to suffer and die before he entered into his glory.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is alive. There is no situation that is so dark that there is no hope. Evil does not win, but love and life wins. The path may go past the tomb, and we see a shadow of the cross, but it leads to life and beauty.

And even though we do not see Jesus now, yet we believe that by his Spirit the risen Jesus is alive and with us now.