Jesus died to restore us to our full status as children of God, and to bring healing to people and creation broken by sin.

One of the symbols of this is the anointing of oil. Oil is a symbol of abundance, honour and blessing. Rulers are anointed with oil at their coronation; priests are anointed with oil at their ordination; in the bible people who are sick are anointed with oil.

Here the divine hand holds a jar and oil, like gold dust, pours into the hands of one with open hands to receive it. But beside the oil, a brighter stream of light flows down through the upturned hands and scatters onto the head of the one below. And other hands are laid on their head. All are bound together by a flame of Holy Spirit.

We anoint with oil for healing those who are ready to seek and receive healing from God. One day, in the new heaven and earth, there will be physical healing for all, but today we sometimes see glimpses of that healing. And even if we do not experience that physical healing here and now, we will experience the intimate touch of the blessing of God.